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Other Travel Services

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GLAD Travel's main business is budget accommodation in Hawaii for $99 or under per night. Yet, we also offer these additional travel services:

1. Hawaii Group Booking: If you have a group larger than 4, it's almost impossible to find one rental for $99 or under (which are the only options displayed on our search engine). That is, unless your group is willing to split up into several rooms at one location - which is possible to do with our search engine. We are offering this free service to manually research and help groups over 4 find budget accommodations. Please first read over our group booking page and contact us if you need our help.

2. Let us Plan your Hawaii Vacation: Although we have designed this website for independent travelers that want to plan and book their vacations online, we are now offering a contribution-based service to assist you with researching a budget vacation in Hawaii. Please first read over our Travel Planner page and contact if you'd like our assistance.

3. Hawaii Guidebooks: We've reviewed the most popular guidebooks on Hawaii. You just need to decide which ones to buy - and whether you need an island-specific book or a general Hawaii book covering all the Hawaiian Islands.

3. Airline Tickets: Check out companies we recommend for airline tickets.

4. Car Rental: Check out companies we recommend for car rentals.

5. Cruise: Check out companies we recommend for cruises.

6. Luxury & Chain Hotels: Not into the budget vacation rental idea? We recommend these other companies for those of you who prefer to spend a little more or who prefer staying in a larger hotel.

7. Budget Lodging in other World-Wide Locations: On an around-the-world trip or need tips on how to find budget lodging in other locations? Check out companies we recommend for this.

8. Travel Insurance: Check out companies we recommend for travel insurance.

9. Travel Shopping: Need suitcases, outdoor gear, beach supplies? Check out companies we recommend for this.

We hope these resources help with your travel planning!
Please keep this information free and growing by booking your Hawaii budget accommodation online at GLAD Travel!



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