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Lova Lava Land Eco-Resort's Humble & Friendly Terms of Booking and Terms of Staying with Us (aka the legal stuff)
Last updated May 1, 2009

Our Sidenote: We understand most guests do not have to read these disclaimers or rules in order to act fairly and treat our property (and us) with respect - and we apologize to you for having to ask you to read this. Yet, we've worked in the travel business a long time and realize it just takes 1 scam artist or unreasonable guest to significantly hurt a small, well-meaning business such as ours. Please bear with us as we legally protect our special property and hard work to prevent those rare occurrences. We are very friendly, fair, and understanding here at Lova Lava Land so apologize if this makes us come across differently (but we have to write this in cold legal wording for it to serve its purpose).


1. By booking with Lova Lava Land and/or staying on Lova Lava Land, you legally accept all these terms, without exception. It is your responsibility to read this page and we have reminded you to do so on both our pricing page and in a confirmation booking email you received. Terms may be updated at any time and become effective right away.

2. To keep costs low for you and all other guests, we do not allow cancellations or refunds of any funds paid. Although this may seem strict, it does keep our normal prices low for you and other budget travelers to enjoy (and keeps our accounting and customer service costs low). The MAJORITY of lower priced vacation rentals in Hawaii have a non-cancellation policy similar to this. In rare situations where guests have issues or problems, we will do our best within the resources we have, to remedy the problem to your satisfaction, within reason. A problem, issue, inability to read english, or simply not reading our published policies IS NOT grounds for getting a refund. If you do not agree to this simple rule, please stay elsewhere as we like to keep a happy, non-confrontational environment here. Mahalo.

3. We ask you to exercise the "Golden Rule" while on our property. If there are guests in other rentals please respect their private space on the property. If you'd like to see it, ask them to show you rather than walking over and looking in their window! While we have a recommended quiet time from 10PM-8AM, it is more important that no individual is significantly disturbed from another individual. If you want to grill and hang out late, invite the other guests, warn them, or check to see if you are disturbing them. Enough said - please respect your fellow man and also be patient with your fellow man if he/she is enjoying themselves in a different manner than you! We are not mediators between guests and think any guests can work out their own differences if politely and directly addressed.

4. Driving and/or Parking on our Property: Once entering our driveway, please drive slowly and carefully. To remain eco-friendly we have a nice dirt road that is very costly to maintain when guests drive without enough care. You should come up the driveway and ONLY drive directly into the parking lot that you will see labeled on your right (first right then a quick left into the parking lot). ALL OTHER ROADS/PATHS ARE WALKING PATHS ONLY. The parking area is very convenient to all of the rentals.

5. Although we have done our best to accurately and completely describe our property, we'd like to remind you of some of the aspects of staying with us. We realize our property is very unique compared to what you may be used to so it is more important than ever to properly set your expectations. As we say in all our material, expect something like camping but be pleasantly surprised when it is much more.

a) If you come here expecting a camping-like experience (without a tent) you won't be disappointed - and in all likelihood will be very pleasantly surprised. Another adequate description of our property is a rustic eco-resort or retreat. We do operate more like a campground where there is NOT a 24/7 front desk or customer service phone number and there will not always be someone available to assist you with special needs or requests. (We keep our prices low by trying to automate a lot of processes with the computer and with our in-depth guides located in your rental). There is a Camp Host on staff and the owners may also be around - but please do not expect for this price that we can provide or guarantee personal customer service for every guest (or someone to greet every guest upon arrival). Again, this works very much like a campground with a general honor system, where you make yourself at home and can use the communal facilities as you see fit. Our Camp Hosts also enjoy going to the beach and doing outdoor activities so are not obligated to wait around for each arriving guest. Mahalo in advance for understanding and accepting our system. Your prices are lower because of this.

b) We currently have 1 flushing compost toilet for all guests to share. In all likelihood, you will not realize this toilet is different than any normal toilet. There is also a flushing public toilet in both shopping centers in Ocean View (the closest is by the Post Office a few blocks away).

c) Our plumbing system works but is always a work-in-progress (off-grid water and plumbing can be a little tricky sometimes). In a worst case scenario, do not expect running water due to repair work being done. In this situation, we will provide a solar-heated camping shower option for you to use (help yourself - it is located in our office which is Hillary the Hula Bus). In a best case scenario, we have 2 working sinks and an outdoor private shower (no hot water, but it can be warm during certain times of the day). Most people have a nice experience using this shower when the sun is out (and usually it's very refreshing) but if you are someone extremely picky about showers, be prepared. We hope to put rental proceeds for 2008 into installing solar or propane hot water (which is VERY expensive by the way).

d) Ocean View is a growing town and although there isn't nearly as much construction noise as in the bigger cities of Hilo and Kona, there may be construction noise during the daytime work hours. We do our best to work with the neighbors to minimize this and keep it unobtrusive, but in rare cases it may be present during your stay, especially if you sleep late. Most rentals in Hawaii face this and don't warn people but we try to be upfront about the possibility.

e) This is a sensitive natural environment. Please stay on the paths and even then, be careful about stray lava rocks! Ouch! We do not accept any liability for injuries on our property - so stay here at your own risk. Also, please do not move furniture, rocks, or anything else around unnecessarily (and put it back if you do use/move something).

We have modest pots/pans/utensils for guests to share. We also have a small fridge and propane stove for guets to share. You MUST wash dishes immediately after use since there is limited supply and bugs will quickly be drawn to dirty dishes.

Legal Liability Waiver & Disclosure:

By staying here, at Lova Lava Land Eco-Resort in Ocean View, Hawaii, you are agreeing to all legal statements on this page. Your stay is at your own risk. We accept no liability whatsoever for the use of our facilities, anything on the facilities, parking, or anything in the individual rentals. We have tried to address most issues but our notes are not all-inclusive. If you choose to use any item and subsequently break or damage it (whether accidental or not), you agree to be responsible for its replacement cost. If you find yourself uncomfortable using any facility (toilet, shower, kitchen, etc) or are unable to use facilities carefully and without causing damage, please exercise your own judgement and common sense and DO NOT use them.

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