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100% Solar Powered AccommodationWhere Can you Find a Green Adventure Vacation?
Ocean View>>Kau>>Big Island!
100% Solar Powered AccommodationarrowGo directly to transportation options.
Note: Several people have asked about access to our property. The road to us off the main highway is paved and NOT steep or curvy! You do NOT need a 4x4 to get to us! (Good question since this is an issue for a lot of vacation rentals in Hawaii.)

Of course, don't expect to find a green adventure vacation in the normal locations frequented by tourists...........don't expect hoards of rental cars, crowded unauthentic beaches, tour buses, and filled parking wouldn't be an adventure if it was that type of vacation!

arrow DO expect to find it in our special little rural town, population 6,000!
arrow DO expect to find it in the middle of an old lava field colored by ancient Ohia trees and other rare flora & fauna!
arrow DO expect to find it 1500 feet up on one of the largest mountains in the world!
arrow DO expect to find it here! Lova Lava Land is located in the city of Ocean View (seen as H.O.V.E. = Hawaiian Ocean View Estates or H.O.V.R. = Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos on many maps) in the section of the Big Island called the Kau District. It is here where you can truly have an adventure vacation.

Our location is unique in that it is situated about 1500 feet above sea level, on one of the largest mountains in the world, Mauna Loa. We feel the weather is ideal compared to other options - you don't get the non-stop sweltering heat that cities like Kailua-Kona and other west coast cities get (although it is nice and sunny most of the time, with passing clouds). Big Island Hawaii MapAlso, you don't get the non-stop rain and humidity of Hilo and Pahoa. Rather, the climate is mostly dry allowing for comfortable outdoor living. The nights cool off (but not too much) so sleeping is comfy with a sleeping bag or comforter. There are passing winds, but nothing like that in the neighboring towns of South Point, Naalehu, or Punaluu.

The town of Ocean View is a small country town and very colorful community full of adventurous souls (and hippies) that love the peacefulness and community-nature of living off-the-grid on an old lava field. You won't find friendlier people anywhere as it's almost rude not to wave at every car you pass on the road. The town has a weekly swap meet (3 blocks away) and often has local concerts, plays, and other community activities open to the public (more info on our Kau & Big Island attractions page). Ocean View is 45 miles from Kailua-Kona and 80 miles from Hilo off the main highway on the island, Hwy 11.

There are five beaches in Ocean View - accessible by hiking or 4x4 car. If you want to drive to a beach, don't worry as you will discover tons of beaches (including 2 black sand beaches) in either direction from the town - the first ones starting at about 15 miles away. The #1 tourist attraction on the Big Island, Volcanoes National Park, is a beautiful 45 minute drive away - and it's not nearly as cold here as staying close to the park, which is 4,000 feet up (brrrr).

Many more exciting tourist and adventure activities are close to Ocean View (too many to list here)! We're always adding to the list on our attractions page so feel free to email us with more tourist and adventure companies you recommend so we can share them with future guests!

To preserve the privacy of our guests we only give the exact address and specific directions to our property AFTER a booking is made. Mahalo for your understanding.

What means of transportation are available to get to Lova Lava Land?

1. Car Rental:
Most tourists to Hawaii rent a car at their arrival airport. Car rental is relatively cheap in Hawaii (you can book here) and allows you the freedom to explore more authentic places around the island and get off the beaten track more. You may want to consider a 4x4 vehicle to add the opportunity to REALLY explore! A basic car rental can run you from as low as $18/day - $35/day. Weekly rates are usually cheaper.

2. Hele-On Big Island Public (AND FREE) Bus:
The bus does have a stop in Ocean View but runs on a limited schedule and in general has limited stops. Make sure your schedule is flexible if you choose this option since we've heard that it 'can' be unreliable. BUT it is a safe and free option for getting around the island. Check Hele On's official website for more information.

3. Hitchhiking:
Although we can't recommend hitchhiking and it definitely isn't the safest transportation option, it is popular throughout Hawaii - especially on the Big Island and especially in Ocean View. Most hitchhikers we've talked to say it isn't hard to get a ride on the Big Island. Our location is a 10-15 minute walk to the main road, where most hitchhikers wait and are dropped off. **If you do hitchhike, we kindly ask you to help us NOT allow non-guests to drive or be on the property. You can be dropped off at the start of our driveway or on the main Hwy #11 (then walk the few blocks to our property).

We hope this information helps with your planning. Please contact us if you have any feedback or suggestions for future guests regarding transportation.

Cell Phone Coverage: For those of you curious, there IS good cell phone reception on our property. We use Verizon & Cingular/ATT without any problems - others probably work well too (although you won't get coverage in several sections of the drive to us, before entering our town).
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