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Volkswagen (VW) Camper Bus Sleeping!
*These buses are non-operational, stationary sleeping accommodations.*

100% Solar Powered AccommodationDon't just go on vacation - experience it GREEN!100% Solar Powered Accommodation

This is a fun & comfortable experience for those that reminensce about the 60's, those that wish it still were the 60's, or those that are just curious and want a fun & green alternative to normal sleeping arrangements. We've rescued & renovated these buses - although they are NON-operational. All buses have storage space and closets and are priced the same, although each has it's own character and even name! Each bus has two beds - one full sized bed in the pop-top canopy with windows that unzip for star-gazing and one full sized pull-out bed on the main level. Each bus also nas a newly-installed solar lighting system on the inside & outside!

VWBus#1: Daisy the Daydream Bus has been decorated in memory and love for the music of the 60's - from our favorite band, the Grateful Dead, to other favorites such as Joplin, Hendrix, & Marley (a huge Grateful Dead bear guards the driver's seat). Daisy has a huge private spot with direct views of the ocean, solar indoor & outdoor lighting, a private charcoal grill, hammock, portable solar lantern, games to borrow, & extra outdoor seating. She is a wonderful option for those that want a large private outdoor space yet want to be relatively close to the common area (and bathroom!).

VWBus#2: Garth the Gecko Bus has been renovated back to original design, with a touch of Gecko decoration (he is green after all). You can catch ocean views from the pull out bed and Garth has a private shaded swing in his area, indoor & outdoor solar lighting, & portable solar lantern for getting around the property at night. Enjoy the brand new pop-top, original upholstery, & original curtains (recently cleaned of course!)!

Our VW Love Story

Our love for Volkswagen Buses started a long time ago and grew immensely when we acquired our first VW Bus (named Bob) and drove & lived in him through 20+ states, 2 engines, and over 55,000 miles. Today, Bob is part of the family and he has inspired us to share the joy of the VDub with as many more that want to experience it! Bob the 1971 VW Bus

Each of these buses has stories, quirks, and are in different states of restoration. While we have rescued and cleaned them up enough for a comfortable sleeping experience, they all do need further work and we hope to use the rental income to help with this - and help to ultimately get these buses in running order.

Not to mention, can you think of a more environmentally friendly way to offer a vacation rental? Most of these buses were bound for a landfill before we rescued them and none of them were in driving condition. Instead of using trees, cement, and gypsum to build rentals, we were able to use something that took little or no outside materials (except a lot of elbow grease). If taken care of & properly renovated, they could also last longer than traditional structures - talk about sustainability! And for you, this means getting the opportunity to experience sleeping and living in a classic world-wide icon of peace and love.

Travel Green: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle & support eco-friendly accommodation options!Our "Green" VW Buses:
Creative & Eco-Friendly ways we Renovated, Furnished, & Maintain our Buses
100% Solar Powered AccommodationRescued each bus from neglect and/or being sent to the dump.
100% Solar Powered AccommodationDeep cleaned the outside & inside of each bus, using the absolute minimal chemicals necessarily (but enough to initially fully sanitize them & kill mold).
100% Solar Powered AccommodationSanded down rust spots to keep rust from spreading & add years to the bus life.
100% Solar Powered AccommodationRenovated original parts (seats, cabinets, curtains) where possible, instead of buying new parts.
100% Solar Powered Accommodation Made a guestbooks out of fallen coconuts instead of paper.
100% Solar Powered AccommodationFor Daisy, renovated old bus seats to make outdoor seating.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationDecorated with homemade crafts, items from the local swap meet, or naturally occurring items, as much as possible.
100% Solar Powered Accommodation Only use biodegradable & eco-friendly cleaning products for ongoing cleaning.
100% Solar Powered Accommodation Only wash linens & towels once for each guest (unless otherwise needed)
100% Solar Powered Accommodation Only use 100% cotton linens & towels (cotton items do not add VOCs to the air in guestrooms; synthetic fabrics are not sustainable and use petrochemicals).
100% Solar Powered Accommodation The screened in pop top windows and side windows allows for fresher air flow than a traditional structure.
100% Solar Powered Accommodation Structure of the bus provides better insulation from both cold & from heat, further alleviating the need for heating or cooling.

Off-the-Grid Solar Powered Big Island Rental for the Adventure Traveler *CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW*
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