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What is "GREEN" Accommodation & "Green" Travel?
100% Solar Powered AccommodationDon't just go on vacation - experience it GREEN!100% Solar Powered Accommodation

Every dollar I spend is a statement about the kind of world I want & the quality of life I value.

You're probably hearing a lot about companies & businesses saying they are "green" now-a-days. But what does this mean? And how can you, as a consumer, know who is telling the truth?

We'd like to put in our 2 cents on the subject since we have been watching it develop over the past year - and watching corporate marketers take advantage of the general public's willingness to embrace & support green businesses. Be skeptical and ask businesses to be accountable! Many businesses are now trying to call themselves green for marketing reasons - not for authentic green reasons.....

Here's just a few basic things accommodations can do to be green & eco-friendly:

100% Solar Powered AccommodationSolve Issues with Sustainable Alternatives - In general, use creativity to solve comfort issues with sustainable alternatives rather than buying or using pre-fabricated or new materials.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationSustainable & Recycled/Refurbished Furniture & Decorations - use furniture that is made locally, used and refurnished, or can easily be preserved so replacement furniture is not always being purchased. Decorate with sustainable products and/or local made arts and crafts.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationEco-Friendly Contruction - building construction and material choices are made with environmental friendliness being a priority.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationAllergy Conscious - take care of people with chemical sensitivities and allergies by cleaning with biodegradable products.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationAlternative Energy - use renewable energy which can include biomass, solar, water, wind and geothermal.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationCompostable/Recyclable Disposables - use biodegradable disposables like napkins or corn-based plastics whenever possible. Better yet, limit or eliminate disposables by providing reusable storage containers and utensils.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationComposting - offer or require a composting option for guests and staff. This turns solid organic materials into a soil-like product for gardens (which aids in holding moisture and decreases the need for watering).

100% Solar Powered AccommodationCotton Towels & Sheets - Cotton items do not add VOCs to the air in guestrooms. Synthetic fabrics are not sustainable and use petrochemicals.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationDurable Service Items - use and offer guests cups, glasses, mugs, dishes, tableware, storage containers, and other items that are long-lasting and not disposables.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationEco-friendly Food - offer food that is sensitive to it's natural environment, wildlife and plants. It may be organically grown and raised or is local and fresh which reduces transportation impact costs.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationEducate Guests - teach people by their website or onsite about the green actions they are taking, why they are important and how others can make an impact as well.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationEducate Staff - teaching staff about the green actions they are taking, why they are important and how to encourage others to make an impact as well.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationEnergy Conservation - property reduces energy consumption through any means possible. This may be selecting energy efficient appliances, compact flourescent or LED lighting, turning things off when not in use and using more insulation and weather stripping.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationEnvironmental Cleaning - housekeeping and laundry practices that avoid harsh chemicals, unhealthy cleaning styles, and non-biodegradable supplies.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationFresh Air - provide rooms that have windows that open or use a fresh air exchange system in the building.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationGray-Water Recycling - Gray water is water from the bathroom and kitchen sinks and showers and washing machines, where only safe biodegradable soaps are used. This water can be used for plant irrigation, landscaping, and gardening instead of being wasted in a sewer. Plants thrive on this water even more so than fresh water. The water is filtered and cleaned by the soil on its way to the ground and underground water systems.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationRecycling Bins - Recycle containers are placed around the property where guests and staff can use them instead of just trash cans.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationNon-Smoking Rooms - Property has rooms guaranteed to be free of smoke pollution. A hotel may use a floor or the entire hotel as a smoke-free environment. It is more difficult to clean a room after smoking. This in turn leads to an impact on allergies and chemical sensitivities.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationOrganic Food - Organic food is grown without pesticides or fertilizers. It is healthier and tastes better.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationParticipate in Green Programs - although paid green certifications do not necessarily indicate a 'real' green property, properties that are involved in local, national, or world-wide green efforts exhibit a belief in general green principles.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationPromote Green Aspects - properties that mention their green efforts in advertising. There are many places that take green actions yet do not mention it at all. Promoting green practices does promote awareness.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationReferral Service for other Green Businesses - property has researched like-minded green businesses and refers guests to them (restaurants, shopping, accommodations in different locations, etc.)

100% Solar Powered AccommodationSheet Program - Hotels do not need to wash your sheets every day of your stay. A hotel may let you decide when to wash them or wash them at certain intervals instead of daily. This does not mean they do not clean sheets between guests. It pertains to your own multi-night stay.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationTowel Program - Hotels do not need to wash your towels every day of your stay. A hotel may let you decide when to wash them or wash them at certain intervals instead of daily. This does not mean they do not clean towels between guests. It pertains to your own multi-night stay.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationWater Conservation - Properties that reduce water usage. This can include low-flow toilets and shower heads, washing sheets and towels less often, native landscaping that doesn't require additional watering, or implementing gray water systems.

100% Solar Powered AccommodationBulk Soap & Amenities - Soaps, shampoo and conditioner in bulk dispensers instead of individual bottles. This reduces packaging, transportation costs, and landfill impact.

Lova Lava Land does all of the above except the last one. The only reason we don't offer bulk soap & amenities is because we've yet to find a reasonably priced organic option to purchase. We may just end up making it ourselves if we can't find a good option in the future!

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