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Our philosophy is "roughing it smoothly" meaning you don't have to spend a lot of money or even give up much comfort to have beautiful surroundings in nature and a once in a lifetime unique adventurous experience! Lova Lava Land is not just a place to stay, it is an experience in both eco-life and learning about how people can live and have the comforts of life on an off-the-grid lava field.

In every way we can creatively conjure up, we have tried to use natural resources & the highest environmental standards in building this beautiful place. We came here from the big city life and are learning about and enjoying off-the-grid living one step at a time - & hope to share this environmental education with our guests. Every little bit helps on this planet. In today's world, it's more and more important that everyone try to preserve resources & use high environmental standards!

Check out Kau Preservation to read about efforts to protect our district.

Our philosophy:

arrow1. With today's technology, off-the-grid living can be 100% as comfortable and affordable as all the comforts that big city life provide. Although we don't pretend to offer you all those comforts yet (we are building and adding on as we go), we do provide some creative solutions to give a lot of comfort and if nothing else, a lot of adventure! This is not a fully inclusive expensive resort nor should you expect things to be as you are used to here. So plan on something like camping but be pleasantly surprised when it is a WHOLE LOT MORE!!! You can go here for more information on our off-the-grid systems.

arrow2. We are budget travelers ourselves and want to support that industry! Especially in Hawaii where real dumps can cost more than our accommodations and the big hotels support foreign investors and overcharge tourists. We don't believe the word 'budget' means lack or quality or having to deal with unkept, dirty, or plain boring accommodations. Quite the opposite! Since we have paid particular attention to costs and have tried to use free natural resources that were already on the property or used materials that we could renovate ourselves, we are able to provide a lower cost option that we feel way outdoes the comfort level in camping, cabins, or hostels (for equal or less cost to you). We have very high standards for providing you the best experience possible here and hope you will agree! If not, we are very receptive to feedback - both positive and negative. We can assure you, if there is a common problem mentioned, we will do everything in our power to correct it immediately (and that's NOT in Hawaiian time).

arrow3. In our travels around the world, we have also realized that we particularly value having unique lodging experiences - where there is a private YET communal nature to the property, where you can meet fellow travelers without having to be so close to them that they hurt your sleep, and where the actual accommodation is something unique that we've never seen before. We hope to provide just that to our guests. How do we do it? We've built individual areas that are private to each VW bus or Yurt, with some sort of private lounging area around it (either a hammock, swing, picnic table or who knows what we'll create next). Then we have created a communal common area with stocked kitchen supplies, toilet, lava grill (built from hand ourselves), picnic table, outdoor lava shower (also built by us by hand) and communal hammocks. By sharing the communal facilities, there is a sense of community here (not to mention we were able to build larger facilities since everyone shares them rather than having to build individual facilities for each yurt or bus). Since we have 3 lovely huge acres of land, we were able to spread the individual units out so that everyone has a lot of private space, which helps with sound and your general sense of privacy.

arrow4. We believe in choice and having options in accommodation. This is the reason we are testing charging a cleaning fee that is fully refundable if you choose to bring your own linens & clean up (for more information, see our Cleaning Fee Refund page). Then those that want linens and clean-up are more than welcome to pay for that and those that don't, can get that money refunded. In this way, only those that need and want the extras have to pay (rather than averaging out the price and making everyone pay a higher accommodation rate). This does create extra accounting costs for us but we think giving guests options in what they pay for is paramount. We are testing this system so welcome any feedback or suggestions - and of course, if it isn't liked, we can increase our accommodation prices and charge more of an 'all-inclusive' rate!

arrow5. Lova Lava Land is a community. This is also our home - where we hope to live full time and retire. We want to share it with fellow adventure travelers and also use it to help educate the world about Hawaii's unique lava ecosystem, off-the-grid living, and of course environmental practices to help save our planet. We just ask that you treat it as if it were your home and respect the many free amenities, take care of the fragile surroundings by not moving anything unnecessarily, and of course respect the sleep and individual accommodations of your fellow travelers. We do not want to create or enforce house rules but have provided some 'Humble & Friendly Policies' for those of you that have questions about correct behavior. We love to have fun too - but not at the expense of others or by creating damage to something someone has put a lot of time and love into! :) We trust you will share in this philosophy!!!

arrow6. We are and cater to adventure travelers. This can be a honeymoon couple wanting to do something unique (we stayed in hostels in South America for our honeymoon and wouldn't trade it for the most expensive resort in the world!), responsible college students traveling around the world, middle aged workaholics that just need to get away from the fast city life, or retired couples willing and eager to try something different. Don't expect to see one type of traveler here; they come from all countries, all age groups, and all professions. All we ask is that you come with an open mind to see something you have probably never seen anything like, anywhere in the world!

arrow7. Our last philosophy is that nature and local cultures should be respected while traveling. Many times while traveling in strange third world countries, we have discovered potential hazards only after-the-fact. This is our fault for not properly researching the areas we were traveling. We feel strongly in individual responsibility and that a traveler to any country or land is ultimately responsible for their own safety and knowledge of how to respect the local environment and people. We, at Lova Lava Land, cannot control the weather or 100% protect you from all natural or accidental occurrences so encourage you to educate yourself about this beautiful land you are visiting. It is also important that you understand and respect the people who call this place home and try to leave as little footprint and disruption on their land and daily life as possible.

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