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Green & Eco-Friendly Accommodation on Kauai, Hawaii
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Amidst the controversy with Kauai 'selling out' to large developers and huge resorts, there are still plenty of ways to sleep green on the Garden Isle.

One of Lova Lava Land's projects for 2009 is to form a "Hawaii Green Travel Network" to share with Hawaii tourists and visitors wanting to travel green. We hope this network will save travelers time in searching for truly green options and give eco-friendly travel businesses a free network to help each other increase awareness.

In the meantime, use our SEARCH to explore Kauai eco-friendly travel and accommodation options.

Some other Kauai green accommodation tips from Lova Lava Land:

green travelGet creative and search guidebooks, the Internet, and local resources for more eco-friendly accommodation options. More recent additions of Lonely Planet have added a special green focus to their accommodation recommendations and a separate green travel chapter.

green travelKauai has some excellent camping options. Make sure to understand the permit process and know which campgrounds are closed when. Na Pali coast permits have to be ordered WELL in advance.

green travelThere are some budget accommodation options on Kauai (hostels/motels). We'd like to see them increase their environmental awareness though so if you stay there - give them some ideas and help them to realize how you, as a tourist, would appreciate patronizing green places to stay.

green travelSmall owner operated and owner managed condos or vacation rentals may have a green focus (composting, alternative power systems, conservation, green construction practices, etc). At the very least this would support local ownership and revenue going back into the local economy rather than a multinational corporation.

Check out more Kauai green travel tips and information.

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