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Big Island Hikes Close to Lova Lava Land (Ocean View - Kau - Big Island of Hawaii)
*More pictures in our Photo Album*

Many of the beaches mentioned on our beach information page are accessible by hiking trails - giving you 2 adventures in one! There are also tons of hikes not mentioned on this page - we are only adding them as we have determined exact directions and a review to share with you.

1. Manuka State Park 2 Mile Nature Loop (Ocean View)Manuka State Park Hiking Trail - Big Island Hawaii
Location: Just north of the 81 mile marker off the main highway 11 in Manuka State Park, turn for the park is towards the mountain (less than 5 miles from Lova Lava Land). Park in the lot and you will see an obvious trailhead sign on the mountain side of the park (with map).
Review: A pleasant stroll for all ages educating the hiker about lava flows from different time periods and the resulting differences in plant growth.
See more info about Manuka on our Parks page.

2. Road to the Sea Hike to 2 Beaches & Tide Pool (Ocean View)
Road to the Sea Beaches - Big Island HawaiiLocation: Dirt/lava road turnoff is 2/3 mile south of the 80 mile marker off the main highway 11 (towards the ocean). There is a colorful little sign there and you are permitted down this road, despite any signs to the contrary. The road is 6 miles to the sea. Stay straight for the tidepool. Make a left 1/4 mile before the tidepool for the first & smaller beach. Turn right at 5.5 miles for the second and larger beach. We are working on drawing a map of this area but in the meantime, have fun exploring around!
Road to the Sea Green & Black Sand Beach - Ocean View Big Island Hawaii Review: A long hike if you start from the turnoff BUT any car can make it halfway to the small 4x4 section if you're willing to put up with and torture your car on a very bumpy lava road. This is an almost-always empty and very unique area to explore. There are very few trees and the scenery is like a moonscape - but actually it is all a'a lava so wear good shoes! If you look closely, you'll see some creative local artwork along the way. More information on our beaches page.

3. Hike to Green Sand (Mahana Beach) (South Point/Waiohinu)
Location: Turn towards the ocean onto a dirt road between the 69-70 mile markers off highway 11. The road is fine for any type car. Go approx. 10 miles on this road and bear right at the fork, parking beside the Kaulana Boat Launch. The hike is 2 1/4 miles each way. Follow the trails east towards Hilo, keeping an eye on the shoreline, and any of the many trails will get you there.
Review: Where else in the world can you see a Green Sand Beach? Depending on the current, the beach will appear greener at certain times. Careful of entering the water here and watch your step on the trail. Expect a lot of wind as you can also visit the Kamoa Wind Farm Windmills while you are in this area. More information on our beaches page.

4. Hike to Honomalino Bay (Milolii)
Location: Follow directions to Milolii Beach and park in the lot. Follow the public access signs on the southern end of Milolii Beach. There are signs and a trailhead at the end of the beach area that will lead you to the trail.
Review: This 20 minute hike will take you through a beautiful forest close to the shoreline and spit you out at a remote & beautiful palm-lined black sand beach. One of those little gems that even most locals won't know about! Great place to spend the day in privacy and beauty.

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