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- We use GLAD Travel for our online booking and availability calendar. ONLINE AVAILABILITY IS ALWAYS UPDATED, no need to contact us to ask! -

*Please realize we cannot accept walk-ins and only take advance reservations.*
(Our website is, and always will be, the source for the lowest prices at our property. If you see lower prices elsewhere, they are outdated.)
Pele's Paradise Yurt
Hawaii Yurt Vacation Rental
Any VW Camper Bus
Hawaii VW Camper Bus Rental
Nightly Rate
(1-6 nights)
$60 per night
$40 per night
Weekly Rate
(7-29 nights)
That's 3 nights FREE for those of you that like math!!!
$40 per night
($280 per week)
$25 per night
($175 per week)
Monthly Rate
(30+ nights)
That's more than 1/2 off!
(Only avail June - Oct)
$25 per night
($750 per month)
$15 per night
($450 per month)
**All prices are for 1-2 adults per rental.**
+ Plus 13.25% Hawaii Tax (GET & TAT)
+ Plus Cleaning Fee PER STAY of $45 (yurt) or $30 (bus)
[Cleaning fee may be refunded if you clean - details here.]
Refundable security deposit taken for longer stays & groups.
Group/Multiple Rental Rate:
Contact Us directly if your group wishes to rent the whole property (3 rentals). See our GROUP RENTAL information.
Every dollar I spend is a statement about the kind of world I want & the quality of life I value.

Other Reservation Information:

arrowGuests from Outside the USA & Canada

Our online booking system may not take your credit card (you will get an error when trying). Contact us if this happens (with rental you want and dates) and we'd be glad to process your reservation in another manner. Our apologies in advance for the inconvenience!

arrowDisclaimers & Legal Stuff
By either booking with us and/or staying with us, you legally agree to our Friendly & Humble Policies.

arrowLong Stays
If you stay 2 weeks or more, we will ask for a refundable security/damage deposit of:
$150 for stays of 2 weeks+
$250 for stays of 1 month+

Sorry! To keep our rental costs down for you, we do not allow cancellations and any payment made is non-refundable.

We welcome responsible groups that want to have the whole property to themselves! This is a wonderful atmosphere for meditation, yoga, educational travel, & more! We're more than happy to put together special packages to accommodate special needs your group may have (catered meals, outdoor shaded sitting spaces for classes, additional sleeping space, etc.). Groups reserving the whole resort will be asked for a refundable security/damage deposit (amount dependent on length of stay).

We welcome adults 21 years old and up. Responsible parents wanting to bring children may contact us for possible exceptions (contact us BEFORE booking).

arrowWhat to bring? We've prepared our recommended tips of what to bring and pack for a visit.

Pricing FAQ - all your questions and more!

Do you offer any discounts (kama'aina, military, student)?

No, instead of offering special rates to specific people, we think it is more fair to offer the lowest possible price to everyone. Our 1 week and monthly rates are already significantly reduced to reward those that would like to stay longer with us. Depending on the circumstances, we also do our best to provide a more reasonable price for groups booking the whole resort.

Why are our prices so low?
We want to provide a nice, adventurous Hawaii experience to those on a budget. The low prices do NOT indicate lack of quality or cleanliness! To keep overhead low, we manage and do everything ourselves from big manual labor projects, down to very tiny details (and please be patient with that). We have streamlined and almost 100% computerized our reservations and customer service, which means you are able to stay here for 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of what it normally would be with a full time customer service staff (but you will still find our limited staff and owners to be quite personable). We hope you appreciate our efforts to keep the prices low for you!

Please also understand our eco-resort is a rustic (but comfortable) experience and not a luxurious resort. As we say, expect something like camping but be pleasantly surprised when it is much more!

Why do I have to pay a cleaning fee?
Being off-the-grid, we have a higher cost for normal things like taking out the trash (we have to drive 20 miles to dump it), simple vaccuming (we have to use our limited solar power to charge a battery), and laundry (we have to go to town and pay to use a washer/dryer). Since we only do these things upon your deparature, we charge a one time fee for it. If you stay longer, this fee averages out more. Although we prefer stays longer than 1-2 nights, we will allow them as long as you understand that the full cleaning fee still applies. This fee 100% goes to our local cleaning staff and is a special negotiated rate, lower than most Hawaii vacation rentals. We do not keep any of this fee for normal maintenance costs - that comes directly out of rental income. Of course, we have additionally given you the option of getting this fee refunded in full if you want to participate in our special Cleaning Fee Refund Program (below).

Can I get my cleaning fee refunded if I clean myself?
YES! We are trying a system to help those on a budget. With this system, you can bring your own linens (pillow, sleeping bag, bed sheet) or wash the ones you use. You also must pack out your own trash, vaccum your rental, and leave everything as you found it. If all this is done satisfactorily, we are more than happy to fully refund your cleaning fee after your departure. For complete information, go to our Get My Cleaning Fee Back page. We are excited about offering this option to you and hope it works to everyone's advantage! Please do not email to ask for exceptions to our normal program terms - it would be impossible for us to manage individual exceptions to the program as it is already quite difficult to manage as it is. Mahalo for your understanding!

What if I can't or don't want to book online?
(We can only process these types of reservations if you are booking far in advance for 3 or more nights. This is because of the increased processing and time costs involved.)

Booking online is 100% safe with our secure server (and no one sees or keeps your credit card number). If you cannot book online, please follow these directions for our alternative way to book:

1. Check the online availability calendar for the rental and dates you want:

2. Click the "Book Now" button to get the total due for your dates (nothing is charged on that page unless you enter credit card information).

3. If your dates and rental are available, contact us and provide:

a) Full name of all guests
b) Home address
c) Phone number to contact you
d) Dates & specific rental you request
e) Total Due that you determined after pressing "book now"
f) Method of payment you prefer (credit card given over the phone, money order, cashier's check, or personal check (personal checks only accepted if received 2 weeks before your arrival).
g) We will contact you asap to confirm how to send the payment and with the address to mail it to.
h) Please understand we do not hold rentals and no rental reservation is confirmed until payment is received by us (not mailed by you). Thus, if you are mailing a payment, we urge you to mail it 1 day or priority through the U.S. Postal Service. We've had problems receiving mail through other delivery services.


In celebration of our VWs getting decked out with shiny new pop tops (and our sore knuckles & twisted muscles from doing so) we are offering an unheard of obscenely low price on a weekly stay in your VW of choice! Only $15/night ($105/week)!!! If still available, this price will pull up when you begin making the reservation via our normal online process. We WILL discontinue this special price without notice after a pre-determined amount of takers, so don't delay. The fine print: NONE! Just find 7 consecutive days available in your fav bus & reserve it ASAP! All our normal policies still apply such as no changing buses mid-week allowed....only max 2 people per bus....and plus cleaning fee unless you follow our cleaning fee refund program. ENJOY VDubbing it in paradise for almost nothing! :)

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