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Things to Do & Attractions: Kau, Big Island, Hawaii
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Lova Lava Land is located in the city of Ocean View (seen as H.O.V.E. = Hawaiian Ocean View Estates or H.O.V.R = Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos on many maps) in the section of the Big Island called Kau. We have compiled an always-growing list of things to do in the immediate area. It seems this list grows on a daily basis - as we constantly are learning about secret spots in the area that you will NEVER find in a guidebook - our area is hardly mentioned in guidebooks at all! We want to share these adventures with you and hope that you will value, as we do, what "getting off the beaten track" in Hawaii is all about!

Most tourists drive through this area hardly stopping even for gas - completely unaware of the beauty and uniqueness that awaits away from the main highway (we did too the first few times we visited the island). A lot of Big Island residents and guidebook writers do the same - thinking that because there is not public water supply or wide-spread public electricity that nothing else could be here. But we who live in Ocean View know that there's nothing further from the truth - and we think we hold and enjoy one of the most special, unique, and adventurous places in all of the USA! We welcome you to share that with us....and share a different kind of beauty that tour buses and city life can never provide....

Enjoy our local attractions and let us know if you discover more!

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arrowVolcanoes National Park

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For more general information about the Big Island, check out our partner site's free information.

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