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Don't Want to Plan Your Hawaii Vacation? Use our Travel Planner! hawaii group booking

Sorting through airline deals, reading all the fine print contracts, figuring out total cost for Hawaii accommodations (with tax, cleaning fees, etc.), researching transportation options, waiting for email answers that may never come, calling phone numbers that are disconnected......planning your Hawaii vacation can be a daunting task!

GLAD Travel's main reason for existence is to make this process easier for the independent traveler. Yet, we realize many people do not find amusement in planning their budget-friendly vacations, despite how user-friendly our search engine is - some even wait until the last minute and make their options all-the-more-limited.

We receive countless emails of people wanting us to plan their vacations for them and search availability calendars for them (which are already online, free to use). Until now, we have not been able to assist these people since our #1 priority is to keep our eye on the technology and data that runs this website. But we now have an answer for those of you that cringe at the idea of using a search engine or looking at an availability calendar!

So want us to create a proposal for your Hawaii vacation?

For a $50 non-refundable contribution, we are willing to create a personal proposal for your Hawaii vacation including:

hawaii airline alternatives 1. Proposed airline alternatives and prices from your departure city.
island hopping 2. Island hopping recommendations based on your preferences, activity interests, and timeline.
interisland flight options 3. Inter-island flight options, prices, and recommendations.
hawaii transportation 4. Transportation options and prices for each island (car rental, taxis, airport shuttles, ferries, etc.)
hawaii accommodation 5. Accommodation options and alternative locations (with descriptions to help in your decision making) based on your preference and needs for different lodging types.
hawaii activities 6. Recommended activities based on your likes/dislikes, budget, and taste for adventure.

This will be a written research proposal for you to go through and make the ultimate decision and bookings on your own - think of it like those stock recommendation reports the analysts on Wall Street write up. We'll do the research, tell you all the money-saving tips, and tell you how to book the different options. Then you can read through it, decide which options you like, and book it for yourself. For an additional contribution, we may consider doing the bookings for you if there is need (although we already did the hard part for you!).

How do I sign up for this service?

Just contribute $50, then contact us and tell us you are signing up for the service. We'll ask you a few simple questions to figure out your preferences and get you a proposal in a few business days.

Who is preparing this proposal?

Anitra Pickett, CEO of GLAD Travel, and avid world traveler (not to mention "the" Hawaii Budget Travel Specialist) will personally be preparing this proposal for you. She masterminded this website, researched and wrote everything on it, and probably knows how to save more money traveling than anyone else! You can read a little about her here. She is willing to share that knowledge with you in exchange for a contribution to help fund the continuation and growth of GLAD Travel.

Mahalo (thank you) for considering our new Travel Planner!

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