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Tips for Hawaii Budget Travel from GLAD Travel

Try to travel during the off-seasons, generally April-June and September-November. Rates on everything can be significantly lower from lodging to car rentals. (The Christmas/New Year's period has a significant influx of tourists to Hawaii and can be the most difficult to book!)
If you have a local Hawaiian I.D., don't forget to ask for the kama'aina (local) discounts since that can save you upwards of 20% on various activities, lodging, etc. However, also be advised that some lodgings do not accept reservations from residents, and may require a return ticket for booking.
If you are a student or senior citizen, don't forget to carry a legitimate card and then ask for discounts! Student discounts aren't incredibly prevalent in Hawaii but you can get lucky here and there.
Want souvenirs? We know a little secret - try the Aloha market west of Honolulu. Check local listings as this market is only open on certain days. You will have to time it right but we promise you won't be sorry!
Beware of additional expenses when booking lodging in Hawaii. Taxes, cleaning fees, etc. are often not quoted to you in the original price. Luckily, GLAD Travel lets you see these fees up front BEFORE you book. (Yet another great reason to book with us!)
This may seem obvious to many but EATING OUT IN RESTAURANTS can be extremely expensive in Hawaii. There are good deals, too, but you have to look for them! So keep snacks in your bag as you don't want your hunger to find you before a great deal does.
The real key to keeping a low budget in Hawaii is going to a local grocery store, buying one of those disposable coolers, stocking up your rental car with food and drinks for the trip, and never ever thinking about eating in a restaurant. Grilling out is so easy and fun anyway!
Even buying food in a grocery store (versus eating out) can be expensive in Hawaii. LOOK at the price TAG before putting it in your cart! Because Hawaii is an island economy and has to ship certain items in, what you think as 'normal' items can be priced very differently from what you are used to.
Getting a rental car can save you money if done carefully. You can get the best deals by reserving well in advance over the Internet (check our 'Other Travel Services' page) and avoiding rentals during peak seasons. A descent rate should run between $20-$25 per day plus tax.
Be smart with parking. There are free and cheap places to park (walking a little is actually nice in Hawaii). You just have to look for them and don't hesitate to ask friendly locals, as they usually know all the tricks.
When looking to book tours and activities be sure to shop around! Finding a company that is less booked can result in lower prices. Tourist flyers and lodging hosts can help you research your options.

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