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AKC English Bulldog Puppies
-1 Special Puppy Born Nov 1, 2008-

(Pictures updated via our website, this page.)

We have bred our lovely bitch, Pudding, with one of the top English bulldogs in the country. 1 beautiful and special boy was born November 1, 2008. We have very high hopes for him! He's a big, strong male already and is red brindle with some white on his face and on all of his toes.

This Breeding:

Ali'i Kings Pudding
(our bitch)
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CH Steelebull Catch Me if You Can "Yoda"
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Alii Kings Pudding AKC English Bulldog
Pedigree Pedigree
Pudding's Sire: Jr. Brazilian CH Macm Port Au Prince
Pudding's Dam: Fulbren's Ali'i Sydnee
(See pictures on Ali'i Kings website.)

Puppy Slideshow *More Pics Coming ASAP*
Introducing: Lavabull May the Force be With You "Jabba"
1 Male Born Nov 1 2008

Background on this Breeding

Pudding has exhibited excellent health throughout her life and we felt strongly that her genetics would be wonderful to pass on to future generations (otherwise we wouldn't have bred her). We know quite a bit about her family tree and are comfortable that there are no known serious health defects. (Her parents have produced many other happy healthy puppies.) To find a stud, we searched extensively in Hawaii and also on the mainland. If we were going to put our bitch through this, we wanted to do it with only the best! We chose Steelbull's Catch Me if You Can "Yoda" as the stud because of his excellent record of good breeding, his obvious beauty and adherence to the bulldog standard, his outstanding show history, his outstanding pedigree, and because his physical characteristics seemed a good match for our bitch. Even on the mainland, puppies from this stud tend to be more expensive than other puppies and we did pay more than normal to get his stud services.

We bred and are raising the puppy in our home on Oahu (of course bulldog breeding also requires the use of extensive vet services too). The puppy has a dedicated room as a nursery and our home is kept germ free, clean, and peaceful. Pudding and her puppy are given the highest quality care and only all natural pet food. Health and care is a priority for us over expense. As a possible future bulldog owner, you should have the same priorities. In fact, giving the proper care early on (and consistently) and investing in a better quality bulldog to begin with will most likely save you much higher expenses in the long run.

Before Pudding was bred, we had the following medical tests done on her:

1. Brucella (negative)
2. Mycoplasma (negative)
3. Herpes (negative)
*We'd be glad to provide copies of the test results upon request.

Whether you work with us or not, if you are purchasing a bulldog it's a good idea to ask about these tests. If a breeder did not go to the extra expense to run them (many do not), then you should understand the risk this entails. Many bullies will be ok without the tests, but again it's a matter of paying a little more for more security and less risk. We followed that rule for our breeding and think it's a good idea in general for purchasing a healthy bulldog. We've heard too many stories of people saving up for this expensive dog, only to have it pass away at an early age due to conditions that could have been avoided by responsible breeding.

How to Purchase a Puppy
**We most likely will not be selling any puppies from this litter. Check back in the future for any future breeding or puppies.**

Contact us for more information about purchasing one of our puppies. Feel free to provide information about yourself and your family, what island you are on, and any questions you may have (read our website to make sure those aren't already answered first). We will provide more information about the purchasing process, our puppy contract, exact price, and some other helpful information. If you are on an island other than Oahu, we can work with you to find the appropriate and safe way to get the puppy to you.

A $500 non-refundable deposit will be due upon the signing of a puppy contract. Please respect our time and realize we are busy feeding and caring for the puppies around the clock - serious inquiries only. MAHALO!

(AKC English Bulldog puppies in Hawaii generally range from $4000 - $5500. The price depends on many factors and can be lower or higher than this average (read more on our English Bulldogs in Hawaii page.). A reputable breeder should be able to explain why their puppies are higher or lower priced. Contact us for the exact price of puppies from this litter.)

We do not sell to puppy mills, pet stores, or backyard breeders (and STRONGLY encourage you not to buy from these places)! Due to the wide range of health risks particularly in English bulldogs, we also highly recommend ONLY purchasing an AKC pure bred bulldog. Be suspicious of any seller or breeder willing to ship a bulldog. A reputable breeder that cares about you and the dog will not want to ship a bulldog unaccompanied (there are many Internet scams surrounding bulldogs due to their high selling price).

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