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English Bulldog Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

*Disclaimer: These answers are our opinion only, derived from extensive research and our own (and others') experiences. We will not be held liable for these answers and encourage you to read multiple sources (including consulting a knowledgeable vet) to find the right answer for your unique dog or puppy. It is very possible that other breeders will disagree with our answers because a lot of this can greatly depend on each unique dog and/or is matter of personal opinion - we've tried to provide at least some insight of the considerations to think about in order to assist you in thinking through the issues to discover what is right for you and your dog.*


Q: Why are bulldogs so expensive?

Q: Is there any way to get a cheap bulldog?

Q: How can I differentiate a reputable breeder from a "backyard" breeder?

Q: Can I buy a bulldog from a pet store?

Q: Will a bulldog fit into a family with small children?

Q: Do I have to keep my bulldog indoors at all times?

Q: Do I have to have air conditioning for my bulldog?

Q: Can bulldogs be trained to do tricks?

Q: What does the ideal/standard bulldog look like?

Q: What health considerations should I worry about?

Q: How do I learn about showing my bulldog?

Q: What is the proper diet for a bulldog?

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