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The bulldog isn't just another dog. It does require special care and considerations but will reward the owner infinitely! We read about and studied the breed for over 5 years before getting our first bulldog - and we are still learning new things. Part of owning this breed is the willingness to research and ask questions in order to properly care for it.

We've learned from first-hand experience (and heard horror stories from others) that even many vets will not have the knowledge to handle this special breed. In the end, it is up to you, the owner to double check that your bulldog is being properly cared for. (We aren't suggesting not going to a vet but just saying we recommend supplementing and checking vet information from your own research or even trying multiple vets until you find one you are comfortable understands or is willing to learn that this breed has very specific needs.)

We've listed some of our favorite resources (and books). Please feel free to email us if you know of more to add!

Go towards the bottom of the page to see their extensive list of bulldog information. It'll keep you reading for weeks!

The Bulldog Information Library
A great resource for all things bulldog.

The Bulldog Club of America
The official website of the national bulldog club.

American Kennel Club (AKC)
The organization regulating AKC registration. Full of general dog owner information.

Know of any other great sites? Please share & let us know!

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