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We are a quality hobby breeder of English bulldogs. By "hobby breeder" we do not mean to imply that we take breeding as anything less than a very serious undertaking - done with great care, expense, and a 24/7 time commitment. We only say "hobby" because it is not our career, not something we do continuously, and not our only source of income (most of the time not a source of income at all). Once a breeding is undertaken, we do put aside all our other time commitments and devote our time exclusively to the care of our bitch and her puppies.

We developed an interest in the bulldog about 10 years ago and began attending dog shows, talking to bulldog breeders, and reading anything and everything we could about bulldogs. It took many years before we purchased our first bulldog, as we wanted to be at a place in our lives where we could adequately provide a home (physically, financially, and emotionally) for this special breed. We were lucky enough to get one of the last puppies from a well known breeder in Kauai (Alii King) before he moved to the mainland. Our new family member was named "Pudding" and she has been quite a joy in our lives ever since!

We are biased, but feel Pudding is very special bulldog. She was raised with our family cat and spent her childhood on Oahu and on the Big Island, helping us to build an eco-resort. Pudding also seems to have an abnormal tolerance for heat, relative to other bulldogs. She is able to comfortably spend afternoons on the beach with us, playing in the waves or lounging in the shade. She also has a fairly high energy level for a bulldog - she'll play ball until you make her stop and enjoys short shady hikes with us. (We do not necessarily recommend this high level of activity for most bulldogs, as most are not able to handle it - although Pudding's sister also very much enjoys swimming with a life vest and playing at the beach.) So far, Pudding does not have any allergies, breathing problems (beyond panting if she's hot), or any other health issues. Several vets on the islands have told us she is one of the healthiest bulldogs they have ever seen - but we don't need to be told by a vet to know that! :) Pudding successfully completed obedience training and earned the Canine Good Citizen certification (qualifying her to be a therapy dog) and also knows quite a few tricks - high five, sit, lay down, patty cake, stay, and the most impressive - able to balance food on her nose until we tell her "ok" and then to catch it in her mouth. We hope to show Pudding at local dog shows in the future but have not done so yet just because the timing hasn't worked for us.

Obviously, the decision to breed her was one we made with great care, research, and contemplation. Breeding any English bulldog does imply risk to the bitch's health, and even to her life. We would not breed her unless we were sure that those risks were minimized due to her excellent health and the excellent genetics in her family tree. Her health and care has been, and will always be, our #1 priority!

We truly love this breed, love our Pudding, and hope to add to our bulldog family in the future. We love sharing tips and stories with other bulldog owners and look forward to providing good homes for any puppies we may have available. Our goal is to also get more involved with showing our bullies in the future! We have attended many dog shows in Hawaii the past few years and hope our hobby breeding program will offer some top-notch quality to the show rings here in Hawaii! But the bulldog is foremost a loving companion, and one that we are blessed and daily thankful to have in our lives!

Other bulldog owners or breeders are welcome to contact us to be part of our online bulldog network! We also do computer/web/SEO contract work on the side (when our bullies are sleeping) so if you want your own bulldog website or web presence through our site, let us know. *We DO NOT assist or support backyard breeding and will only take on web projects for caring, loving owners and quality breeders.*

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