Category Definitions
TIP: Lodging providers are allowed to define themselves with only one category using these definitions UNLESS they have more than 1 type of facility/category on their property (such as camping AND cabins). This eliminates confusion with the same lodging appearing in mutiple categories and hopefully helps you find what you want faster and more efficiently!

Usually offers dorm-style rooms & targets youth/international backpackers.
Personal and communal (kitchen, shower, bathroom) atmosphere.
Usually locally/privately owned.
Tends to be one of the least expensive options in a given location.

Multiple similarly decorated rooms.
More often owned/operated by a company.
Usually specializes in short term/night-by-night rentals.

Hawaii Cabin / Cottage Separate independent structure for one set of guests.
Usually on a campground or private property with a high degree of privacy.
Often, but not always, offers furnishings similar to a condo.

Hawaii Bed & Breakfast (B&B) / Inn / Guesthouse
Personal, cozy, and unique atmosphere, usually with a small # of rooms.
Could be furnished similarly to a condo, just not in a condominium complex.
Common for some form of breakfast to be in the rental rate (not required).
Often the caretaker/owner lives on the property.

Individual unit rented out privately and in a condominium complex.
Usually fully furnished with all the necessities of home.
More likely to have or require longer term rentals & cleaning fees.

Hawaii Camping
*Coming Soon
Private, county, state, or federal campground.