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About Us
1. Open up a never-seen-before level of efficiency, transparency, and flexibility in the budget travel market for travelers and the providers of this travel! Both owners of GLAD Travel are passionate backpackers and hope to create a tool that will not only increase the quality of a budget traveler's experience, but open up this type of traveling to more people, allow suppliers of this type of travel more profitability, and give the market greater transparency. "Travel for less so you can travel more" is our motto!
2. Expose and encourage "quality budget" lodging in Hawaii. When evaluating whether to add Hawaii to their itinerary, many in the budget market think it's too expensive; others think if they pay less they can't have a great experience. We plan to prove otherwise and open up Hawaii to this travel market!
3. Place an emphasis on data quality, organization, and comprehensiveness in an easy-to-use and searchable interface. Instead of having spotty, old, & incomplete coverage in a lot of geographical areas, we want to focus on one area at a time and give ALL the budget options, whether they are bookable online or not. We will have the most comprehensive, searchable database for budget lodging in Hawaii...Not to mention be the only ones that are willing to actually 'define' what they mean by budget!

3. Promote a more authentic and adventurous island experience. The true path to cultural understanding and self-perception is only gained by exploring and really experiencing other regions of the world! Travel is also a time to give back and share, not just consume and take. GLAD Travel is dedicated to giving back to conservation efforts, aiding local businesses, and encouraging travelers to do the same. We strongly believe in increased cultural awareness, understanding, and respect through travel.

4. Uphold a high standard of quality, ethics, and service. We feel the travel industry (well, any industry really) is suffering from a lack of ethics and trust. We use the 'golden rule' test in every business decision we make and hope to be an example to others thereby increasing trust in the budget lodging market!

What else do we do for the independent traveler?

Give travelers ALL the budget lodging options in a given location (starting with all Hawaiian islands).
Concretely define our definition of 'budget' to eliminate all confusion and establish trust in our products. In Hawaii, that's $99 and under per night for the room (not per person).
Serve as a free resource for travelers to store a personal travel itinerary under their username (all bookings through GLAD will automatically be saved plus there are many other useful functions).
Only charge a small booking fee per lodging.
Give users the option to search for lodging almost in any way imaginable (simple & advanced search) with what we think is the most dynamic lodging search engine on the web! Explore its different options; we think you will be impressed!
Utilize "price and detail transparency" which means tell the traveler up front and honestly what they are getting (no sales tricks, no games, and just good ol' fashioned honest business practices).
Allow lodging options to be objectively compared rather than just compete for who is better at marketing themselves.
Decrease your research time so more time can be spent actually enjoying travels rather than surfing the Internet, walking around looking for a good lodging option, waiting for individual lodging suppliers to respond to emails, trying to figure out details of lodgings on websites that are not user friendly, or trying to figure out how to use a phone card in a strange country!
Provide important details up front in the search process so you save time while ultimately finding a more compatible lodging.
Give you technology no one else does. We built this site from scratch and have built our supplier database from ground up. That means you aren't getting the same duplicate lodging offerings as on other sites. An extra bonus since we are using our own systems is that the search process allows for maximum flexibility.

Who are we?

Owner & CEO Anitra Pickett - "The" Hawaii Budget Travel Specialist

Anitra is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. She earned her undergraduate degree in Economics & Psychology from Yale University and completed her MBA at Hawaii Pacific University. Her MBA concentration was in electronic commerce, and she began developing the idea for GLAD Travel as her master's thesis. She has worked professionally as a foreign currency trader on Wall Street and in Denmark and as an investment counselor for high net worth individuals.
Anitra's Love for Travel
Anitra has traveled and backpacked around the world. This has fueled her sincere desire to create a company that helps others maximize their travel experiences. Her first international trip was to Russia through a cultural exchange at Yale. Since that time she has traveled extensively in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Egypt, South America, Cost Rica, and Mexico.
Owner & CIO Trond Borg
Trond grew up in Arendal, Norway. He began his bachelor of Computer Science degree at the University of Oslo, Norway, and completed his final year at Hawaii Pacific University. He pursued his Masters of Computer Science at San Francisco State University, where his master's project was focused around XML Web Services. Trond most recently worked as an IT Consultant for a San Francisco-based technology company in infrastructure and software development.
Trond's Love for Travel
Having parents that love to travel, Trond has had the opportunity to experience other cultures from a very young age. Before meeting Anitra he toured extensively in Europe and Taiwan. One of his most exciting adventures was working as a crew member aboard a Norwegian sail ship, where he traveled around the North Sea.
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