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What's New in Hawaii? News & Travel Events

1. The inter-island airline competition & cheap fares of last year are over due to Aloha Airlines going out of business in early 2008 and GO! Airlines now operating under bankruptcy.

2. New inter-island ferry. In 2007 another interesting even happened in inter-island transportation. A new company called the Hawaii Superferry started carrying passengers and automobiles (and pets) between Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. In 2009, the company plans to extend the service to the Big Island. This has been a controversial issue and the ferry has already been stopped several times due to problems (environmental controversy and mechanical issues) - stay tuned to see what happens, but it does seem like the ferry is operating more consistenly in 2008.

3. Hawaii Going GREEN! Hawaii has made a commitment to be a leader in adopting environmental technology and supporting environmental issues. This is a relatively new concept for Hawaii so there's a lot to catch up on - but it's happening fast and with widespread public support. Higher fuel costs are hitting our dependent island economy hard so the public has realized these changes have to happen consistently and quickly! One example is the passing of a bill to require solar powered water heaters on all new homes.

Check out our recommendation for the BEST GREEN ACCOMMODATION on the Big Island - a great base to visit the volcano from!

4. Kilauea Volcano putting on a show! Pele's been putting on a show on the Big Island for decades but the recent vents in early 2008 are showing more activity than ever - and drawing in tourists by the thousands to see her glory. If you're lucky, you'll have the opportunity to see glowing lava in not one, but two separate accessible places!

5. Smoking Regulations in Hawaii: The Healthy Air & Workplaces Law
The State of Hawaii has enacted The Healthy Air and Workplaces Law designed to protect the health and wellbeing of people who do not want to be subjected to secondhand smoke. It is not a ban. Smokers may still purchase and use smoke-producing tobacco products in areas other than those designated as smoke-free under the law.

Effective November 16, 2006, smoking will be prohibited in enclosed or partially enclosed facilities, including Hawaii’s airports, within 20 feet of doorways, windows and ventilation intakes and in all seating areas of sports arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters. Hotels may designate and offer smoking in up to 20 percent of rooms. Visitors who wish to book a smoking room, should specify this when making their reservation.

Where is smoking prohibited under the law:
- In enclosed or partially enclosed facilities owned by the state or the counties.
- In places that are open to the public, including private businesses.
- In places of employment, including private membership clubs if they are a place of employment.
- In Hawaii airports, from cabin to curb.
- Within 20 feet of doorways, windows and ventilation intakes in order to prevent secondhand smoke drifting into enclosed areas.
- In the enclosed, partially enclosed and seating areas of sports arenas, outdoor arenas, stadiums and amphitheaters.

Smoking in Hotels:
Hotels and motels may designate and offer smoking in up to 20 percent of rooms. Visitors who smoke are urged to specify that they prefer a smoking room when making reservations.
How will the law be enforced: Clearly legible signs with the words “Smoking Prohibited by Law” or the international No Smoking symbol must be visibly posted at the entrances to every public place and workplace that is designated as non-smoking. Owners, managers, operators and employees of any establishment designated as non-smoking are responsible for informing violators of this law. Individual violators of this law are subject to fines.

Please keep this information free and growing by booking your Hawaii budget accommodation online at GLAD Travel!

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