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Hawaii's Activities: Endless Fun & Excitement
Author James Michener got it right about Hawaii when he wrote: "You will fail to believe how one small portion of the world could be so crammed with wonders." In Hawaii 's world of endless summer, there are thousands of entertaining wonders to be enjoyed throughout its six major islands - Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii 's Big Island . Whether by land, air or sea, Hawaii is one exhilarating activity after another with the opportunities for fun and excitement able to be discovered island by island.

How about world-class biking, hiking, golf and horseback riding through balmy tropical landscapes? Soaring high above on a zipline adventure tour through a forested canopy over rivers and waterfalls, or even higher on helicopter tours over lush valleys, hidden waterfalls, and spectacular shorelines? Or taking to Hawaii 's warm Pacific waters to surf, snorkel, scuba, kayak, or parasail? For a more leisurely enjoyment, one can explore the depths of Hawaii 's marine life through undersea submarine tours, or sun and frolic aboard a cruise excursion. And only in Hawaii can one explore an active volcano and watch the flow of lava up-close (but not too close!) and bear witness to earth's creation of land.

For educational enrichment, Hawaii offers more than 80 museums showcasing its culture, history, and the arts. History buffs will be fascinated by the "bookend battleships" of World War II now located bow-to-bow in Pearl Harbor: the revered USS Arizona Memorial and the gigantic " Mighty Mo" (Battleship Missouri Memorial). Those wanting to be pampered and indulged can enjoy state-of the-art spas, the highly touted Hawaii regional cuisine, and everything-under-the-sun shopping. And rarely does a weekend pass by without a celebration of Hawaii 's multi-cultural heritage, Hawaiian music, or an island-inspired sports event taking place.

In addition to activities that visitors can do on their own or book through an agency, there are hundreds of fun and interesting things to see and do on Hawaii 's Calendar of Events - with the list growing all the time. How best to describe the Hawaii experience? Jay Talwar, Hawaii Visitor's & Convention Bureau Vice President of Marketing, sums it up perfectly: "There's plenty of time to do absolutely nothing . on your plane ride home!"

Check out our Best of Hawaii lists for which islands offer the best of which activites.
Our island itineraries also suggest activites for the Big Island, Kaui, Maui, and Oahu.

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